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Lapland is an uniqe place with the untouched nature,which can offer you several activities.

Summer time opens up many opportunities: fishing, walking at the nature, picking up berries, making boat trips, enjoying of the camp fire at the yard.

There are two rivers near Keloviitonen. One - the biggest river in Finland - Kemijoki. Another is small Pyhajoki. Depending of the season and weather conditions, you will always find a fishing possibility at both rivers or at one of them.    
Keloviitonen is equipped with a rowing boat. You will also find the basic fishing equipment for usage. Cached fish can be prepared in the smoking box.
Fishing in Lapland is world known activity, permit for fishing you get from the local shop.

For enjoing camp fire, you will find barbeque and long forks for preparing, for example, sausages.

Moskitoes will not be a problem if you use protection against of them.